My Story

I joined the Scentsy family because I LOVE or should I say I’m “addicted” to the products.  I love the fact that my house can smell fabulous and our house can’t burn down and that they won’t burn children and pets.  It’s relaxing to me to come home from a stressful day of work to a house that smells clean… or smells like I’ve been baking something truly sinful! Why do I love Scentsy products so much? First of all the amazing scents, over 80 different fragrances and that are reusable, interchangeable, mixable, and long-lasting.  Second, Scentsy offers so many styles & colors of warmers to match every décor!  Scentsy wickless candles are just superior to traditional fragrance candles and Scentsy wickless candles are more economical too, which is a big plus! If you are interested in the great new 2015 Fall/Winer Scentsy products, email me today for a current catalog or monthly special!